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Dongguan Digcue Industrial Co.ltd (“Diccue”) is one of the leading companies in China specialized in development of premium earphones and audio cables, serving increasing needs of global customers with innovative and customer oriented products.

OEM Solution For Middle and High Range In ear monitors

1、Inhouse Audio Engineer for Customized Sound

2、Very competitive price for multidriver earphones

3、Owning 5 factories from earphone cables,assembling to earpiece manufacturing.

How We grow

How We Grow

Dongguan Digcue Industrial Co.,Ltd is privately owned.

The company has no debt and grow solely  through retained earnings.

Diccue is a brand for earphone and earphone cables.Diccue is a family company for a series of earphone development and manufacturer business. We ‘ve planned the business since 2013.

2013 cable factory,is established.

2015 earphone company,is established.

2015 Diccue brand is registered. 2016 Diccue firstly attended Hongkong Asia-World Expo Exhibition

2017 Hongkong Company,Diccue Technology Co.,Ltd,is established,owning 8 experienced engineer.



Our Workshop

Our Workshop 1

8000 m3 workplant                    200+ worker staff                    12 R&D veterans

Quality Testing

Our Workshop 2


We have a very low tolerance <1% regarding both quality and social issues.

Factory Review

Our Workshop 3

Our Service

  • Product Design&Development

“We believe a project’s success begins right at its conception” Creativity, design excellence and helping the client tailor a product best fitting its needs has always been a focus and a strong commitment for Digcue. Our experienced team of designers is committed to understanding your needs, in order to create hand in hand with your company, for our common final client: your customer.

  • Manufacturing

We are operating two production plants,Cable factory and Assembly factory.to always suits our client’s project.

  • Operation Control

Our Manufacturing Control Process is applied objectively to every project to ensure the quality of the product and a minimum ratio of defaults during the production. “We have a very low tolerance regarding both quality and social issues.” During the production, our quality control teams will pay close attention at the plants in order to ensure our quality Third party inspections can be performed on a regular basis to allow an objective warranty to our customer that their products are being tested accordingly to their requirements, that no law has been broken, or that the provider behaves on the utmost ethical set of standards.


Our Mission

our mission



Meet Our Team




President of Diccue

Specalist in Audio Cable since 2001,he’s a legendary figure in the industry,starting from a quality inspector,only 2 years,promoted to be the head of R&D department.During his career,he has been developed as many as 30 kinds of potents,and providing OEM service to top brands.In 2006,he starts to assist Iphone Inc to develop sync data cables and earphone cables for Iphone 4,Iphone 4s,Iphone 5.He owned 5 factories,business involved from raw material,cables,assembly and earphone.And by 2015,he developed his own brand-Diguce,a brand for high end earphone.

“Be true to your work, your word, and your friend”,Liao always said it.And in his opinion,perfection’s not attainable, but if we chase it we can catch excellence.He is quite strict with his work,and the work of our whole team.In life,he like to make friends,and share fresh idea with friends.Besides,he knows a lot about drink,and also a powerful drink.


1、 30+ patents on earphone cables and earphones.

2、 Full experience in Project Creative

3、Be flexible and have good troubleshooting skills.

4、 Obtained a good relationship with business partners,colleges,usually,customers would always impress on his professional skills and suggestions on user experiences,unique designs.

Susan Liao

General Manager

1、 Excellent English and Japanese communication skills

2、 Sales Target Schedule and achievement

3、 Leading and training Marketing&Sales Team

What a lovely surprise to finally discover how unlonely being alone can be.She is crazy about reading and writing,history,poetry,and studies of Chinese ancient civilization.She like doing Yogo every day.


Direct of R&D Department

Cao stick to develop high end earphones over decades since 2001,gained rich experience in OEM service for Top brands,and fully knowing each market’s sound and quality request.Since 2012,he lead R&D team to develop AKG series IEMs,mastered the Balanced Armature Technology,there are few factories who can make it in the world.As the head of R&D,Cao lead the whole team to overcome technical problems one by one,tailored personal solutions to customers,creating innovative high-performance audio gear.

“Work Hard,Play Hard”,philosophy of Yan,he is a very humorous and outgoing man,and kid gang of two kids.He like to share quite quality time with kids after work.Live Simply,Live happily.


1、 Specialist in Earphones

2、 Sound quality evaluation

3、 OEM service for top brands


Eileen Zheng


1、Excellent fluent spoken English

2、Custom Consult and Aftersale Service

3、Handling wholesale orders

A sunny girl,a happily single,”Let’s always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”,she believes it.

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