During Apr. 11 to 14, Diccue officially attend the Global Sources Electronic Show and show our products widely. Our high-end earphones and hifi cables are well received by the guests from Japan and USA and Northern Europe like Norway and Belgium. Many showed great interest in our product range like HB100, DUA100 and H1, especially our HIFI upgraded Cable. We never expected so much welcome to earphones for this was the first time we attended the show. We also found favor in some of the top brands such as Mee and Monster.

Being one of the few manufacturers in China that can make such high end products, we use Knowles’ driver for the product.  Knowles (in US)  is one of the top two brands (the other being Sonion in Denmark) worldwide for professional speaker driver.Since 2012, our R&D team have collaborated with Westone to create the Balanced Armature Earphone W Series.

The highlight of our booth:

  • High-endAudiophile Earphones including balanced armature earphones,hybrid earphone multi-drive earphones
  • ExclusiveBluetooth Earphones, which we combine the BA technology with the bluetooth technology to  It is the innovation of our company
  • UpgradedEarphone Cables with MMCX and 2PIN, such as 4C,6C,8C,OCC,silver-plated, pure silver, 8 twisted
  • ShinningMFI USB sync data cables and Audio Cables
  • DongguanDigcue Industrial ,Ltd will show her exclusive items that meet the needs of the potential business partners in the middle and high-end market with our strong creative R&D team, the innovation of the industry, private moulds and patended products.

Here showed the hot of our booth:

IMG_1751 IMG_1755 -21383bffc56ecdbd -1470646b408cafcf IMG_1741 HongKong Electronic Show


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