Three Drivers Earphone Knowles BA HB120

Three Drivers Earphone,more details for the music

One dynamic and two balanced armature drivers



You asked for bass. Well we’ve got it.

We think we’ve done alright with our highs and mids, but everyone loves bass, specifically lovely deep rumbly sub-bass. So we developed our Three Drivers Earphone HB120 , with TWO balanced armatures coupled to a single dynamic driver.

HB120 reproduces drums, bass guitar…and well, anything ‘bass’ in a powerful, present and impacting way.

Sound As Music Concert

One dynamic and two balanced armature drivers in each earphone create perfectly balanced three-way earphones that deliver a sound experience that’s like being center stage at a live concert.

High Quality Hyrid Earphones

hybrid earphones

Brushing Stainless Steel Ear house —– Last Forever,you will no longer worry about the problem of break of ear house.

Noise isolation PU foam earbuds, in 3 sizes, provide a precise fit and reduce outside noise.

PU foam tips

HIFI silver-plated cables wire makes sound more transparent, delicate, close to nature, soft and sweetness, and TPE provides the good
corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and tensile strength.

hyrid earphones


All balanced Armature Driver From Knowles 

Same as Westone,Shure,Diccue’s earpiece is well equipped with”Knowles” Balanced Armature speakers from USA.


Package Includes:

1 * Hyrid Driver Headphone

1* Carry Case

4* Ear Buds Set

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3-way Hybrid Three Drivers Earphone HB120

Driver Unit: Closed, 3-Way (2 BAs full-range + a 9mm dynamic)
Frequency Response:5 – 25,000 Hz
Sensitivity (db):105 dB/mW
Case Type:Carrying Pouch
Plug:3 um Gold-plated L-type stereo mini plug
Type of Use:Portable
Cord:47 1/4 in. (1.2 m), Silver-plated HIFI cables
Headphone Type:Vertical in-the-ear style earbuds
Impedance:40 ohms at 1 kHz
Material:brushing stainless steel earhousing

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