Detachable Cables C12

 Detachable Cables  for Universal-Fit Noise-Isolating Musician's In-Ear Monitors

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Detachable Cables C12

  • Comfortable and secure in the ear with detachable cables for added durability
  • Headset cable features mic, remote, and volume control for use with smartphones and tablets
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Detachable earphones are NOT worn in the same style as headphones or standard earbuds. To enjoy the superior sound isolation and audio quality of your earphones, it is very important to get a proper fit.


Q: I’ve got an idea for a cable or a question about DIY, can I run it by you?

A: You can have all the free advice that you’d like. We are also willing to design a cable that is different from existing offerings that incorporates whatever you might need or are looking for; we do this all the time and it’s nothing new to us.


Q: What about IEM cables?

A: We now offer cables for most IEMs. Some have such strange connectors that it would cost a fortune to get custom molds made, but the most popular IEMs are now represented.

Q: How should I care for my cable?

A: Keep it away from sources of heat and moisture (don’t leave it against a super hot aluminum panel, for example), don’t rub it against abrasive things, do not kink it sharply (although it can handle it) or yank on the cable itself to disconnect it (firmly grasp the connector itself to disconnect it).

Q: Are your cables flexible/compact?

A: It doesn’t get any more small and flexible than my headphone line. We use a special braiding technique, practical sleeving choices, and one of the most soft and flexible wires in the business.

Q: When’s my stuff coming?

A: When it’s done. We keep production limited to a couple cable builds per day to make sure we’re at the top of our game and have plenty of time to test the cables out in our reference setup to see they are to our liking. We don’t run a cable sweatshop, at least not yet. Usually when you order we can give you an estimate for shipping based on your position in line.

Q: Why should I buy from you in the first place?

A: We will make you exactly what you want and we are honest about which materials we use and why we use them as everything in our cables is there for a reason. It is a popular tactic nowadays to generate excitement about a product on the basis of withholding information and letting the customer’s imagination run wild as to what might be inside the cable, but it goes against what we believe in – that the truth of what goes into our cables is more interesting than any fictitious qualities we could attribute to our products. We are very active in communicating with you so that there is no uncertainty during the buying and ownership process. We value good sound and aesthetics equally, having a “nice” cable is as much a part of the ownership experience as enjoying the newfound sound quality.

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