3 way Balanced Armature HIFI Earbuds BA300

Sound tuning filters allow the ability to personalize the sound

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3 way Balanced Armature HIFI Earbuds

Personalized Sound Tuning
By selecting from the three included sound-tuning filters, you can adjust for three precise sound-output preferences. These adjustable, precision-machined filters allow for reference sound (factory default), bass boost or high boost, to suit your personal taste

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SENSITIVITY: 107-120 dB SPL @ 1 mW
IMPEDANCE: 30 ohms @ 1 kHz
DRIVER: 3 balanced armature drivers with 3-way crossover.
CABLE:  HIFI MMCX Replaceable cable
CABLE LENGTH: 50″ / 128 cm

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The Importance of A Good Seal
Having a good seal is critical when listening to earphones, more specifically IEMs. A bad seal can change the sound signature heard of an IEM, producing a different sound than how they are supposed to sound. A bad seal generally produces more highs and reduce the bass response. Of course, if you find that bass is too strong on a particular IEM, you can wear your IEM with a more shallow/weaker seal as that may reduce the bass to a more tolerable level.

How to properly care for your IEMs
After each use, it would be best to wipe them down so sweat and oil is removed. If there are no filters on the nozzle, you should also use a wax cleaning tool to extract any build-up in the nozzle area. Then using the three/four method or “over and under” method to wrap them up and put them in a carrying case. Try to keep them in a clean, dry place and never let any moisture into the nozzle. Never wrap your earphones around your iPod or music player and never wrap them too tightly. Take very good care of the cable, especially on IEMs without removable cables, as cables are usually the first to break and once they do you can’t listen your earphones anymore.

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