Handsfree Mono Headset Single Earphone With Mic DA14-S

 MONO headset with ONE Earbud only. 

 On/Off button to receive and end the call without using your phone.

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Handsfree Mono Headset Single Earphone With Mic DA14-S

This earphone will work on any standard digital audio device that uses a 3.5mm port, making the earphones extremely convenient and portable. No longer will you have to deal with the cable mess and ties, thanks to its flat cable design this headset will not tangle. This mono headset is truly a great accessory for traveling, in the car or in the office for a hands-free talk.

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A practical and valuable earbud for driving

California law prohibits drivers from covering both ears with a traditional earphone. While driving, You can use this to listen to podcasts and the function allows you to accept incoming calls with ease and hands free.

It works beautifully (volume controls, and microphone)

The craftsmanship and materials look and feel exactly the same as the standard Apple earbuds that came with the iPhone purchase.

Say no to poor quality

It’s an inexperience earphone,we usually thought that,Tried to use it a dozen times and threw it away.

DA14 will give you an amazing sound experience,we use the same driver quality as Monster,free of the complaints from the other side of the call stating they couldn’t hear you.,feel of the worry about felling apart after two weeks…


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