2 way Hybrid Balanced Armature and Dynamic Earphone HB100-The best headphones


Combining dynamic driver units with balanced armature

Patented and private mould

2016 latest earbuds for an extreme in-ear listening experience




Why we work out HB100,the best headphones?

For years, Dynamic driver  earbuds  units have served us well, delivering reliable sound with rich bass all at low distortion levels. Balanced Armature headphones, on the other hand, are noted for their delivery of smooth and broad frequency response with notable vocal clarity.

Combining proven 9mm dynamic driver units (rich, full frequency response) with cutting-edge full-range, Balanced Armature technology (full-range = broad frequency response with notable vocal clarity) for an in-ear listening experience embracing the best of both worlds: profound vocal sound with extended bass.

A special sandwich consisting of a magnesium inner housing and Stainless Steel exterior provides the necessary rigidity for smooth frequency response and vibration suppression for clear mid-high range sound reproduction.


– Hybrid 2-way driver In-Ear Monitor, the 8mm dynamic driver for the bass/lows, the balanced armature for the mids and highs

hybrid earphone

– Good imaging and extensions on both ends, ultra-low distortion, using extreme balance tuning technology,
delivers ideal listening effect in each frequency theoretically


– Noise isolation PU foam earbuds, in 3 sizes, provide a precise fit and reduce outside noise

foam eartip

– Silver-plated clear twisted wire makes sound more transparent, delicate, close to nature, soft and sweetness, and TPE provides the good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and tensile strength.Tangle Free,round cable


– Low impedance, can be easily driven by portable gears

– Can work with any multimedia devices  that have 3.5mm audio jack, however, for better sound, we suggest you to use high quality player,and listen to APE, FLAC, WAV, DSD or some other lossless music.


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  • Driver Unit:Closed,  2-Way (BA full-range + 9mm dynamic)
  • Frequency Response:5 – 25,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity (db):98 dB/mW
  • Case Type:Carrying Pouch
  • Plug:3  um Gold-plated L-type stereo mini plug
  • Type of Use:Portable
  • Cord:47 1/4 in. (1.2 m), Silver-plated HIFI cable
  • Headphone Type:Vertical in-the-ear style earbuds
  • Power Handling Capacity:100 mW (IEC)
  • Impedance:40 ohms at 1 kHz
  • Material:brushing stainless steel earhousing
  • Weight (Approx.):7 g (0.25 oz) without cord
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The Importance of A Good Seal
Having a good seal is critical when listening to earphones, more specifically IEMs. A bad seal can change the sound signature heard of an IEM, producing a different sound than how they are supposed to sound. A bad seal generally produces more highs and reduce the bass response. Of course, if you find that bass is too strong on a particular IEM, you can wear your IEM with a more shallow/weaker seal as that may reduce the bass to a more tolerable level.

How to properly care for your IEMs
After each use, it would be best to wipe them down so sweat and oil is removed. If there are no filters on the nozzle, you should also use a wax cleaning tool to extract any build-up in the nozzle area. Then using the three/four method or “over and under” method to wrap them up and put them in a carrying case. Try to keep them in a clean, dry place and never let any moisture into the nozzle. Never wrap your earphones around your iPod or music player and never wrap them too tightly. Take very good care of the cable, especially on IEMs without removable cables, as cables are usually the first to break and once they do you can’t listen your earphones anymore.



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Black, Red, White


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